Play is a child’s work and the classroom his/her laboratory. Through play and varied activities, including music and movement, creative art, games, field trips, stories, outdoor play, Bible time, and quiet book time, your child will be given the wonderful opportunity to develop to his or her God given potential in all areas of learning. Our Preschool program is designed to provide your child with a loving and nurturing Christian environment that fosters exploration, development of positive socialization skills, and beginning literacy and numeracy skills.

The children are introduced to life with God through prayer, exploration of creation, stories and songs.


  • To encourage a spiritual awareness in the heart of each child in a Christ centered environment by introducing the children to God who loves them and is the Creator and Provider of Life.

  • To give opportunity for children to succeed and build confidence, being sure the tasks are challenging and not frustrating.

  • To give each child unconditional love with smiles, friendly words, encouragement and care.

  • To celebrate accomplishments – one step at a time


As teachers our responsibility is to help children grow in the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physical areas of development.  We seek to create a nurturing environment as an extension of the home while assisting children to be confident and lifelong learners.  We recognize the window of opportunity for growth during the early years and seek to provide an optimum environment for children’s development.